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  • Florida Republicans in all-out drive for Hispanic vote

    Fri Oct 24 18:08:25 2014 | Source: Reuters

    MIAMI (Reuters) - When Florida's Republican governor, Rick Scott, walked into a bustling campaign field office late last month in Hialeah, a heavily Hispanic suburb of Miami, he was mobbed by volunteers hoping to be photographed with the candidate.

  • Obama to meet Ebola nurse

    Fri Oct 24 13:12:51 2014 | Source: The Hill

    President will meet Nina Pham, who has been declared free of the virus, in the Oval Office.
  • U.S. diplomat criticizes PM Orban's Russia policies

    Fri Oct 24 17:11:34 2014 | Source: Reuters

    BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungary should back European Union sanctions against Russia and not talk about granting autonomy for ethnic Hungarians living in Ukraine at this time of instability, an American diplomat said in Budapest on Friday.
  • Democrat Michelle Nunn leads tight U.S. Senate race in Georgia: poll

    Fri Oct 24 16:52:17 2014 | Source: Reuters

    (Reuters) - Democrat Michelle Nunn has a narrow lead in the U.S. Senate race in Georgia, according to a poll released on Friday, ensuring the state's open seat will remain a key national focus as Democrats and Republicans fight for majority control of the chamber.

  • Republicans take aim at U.S. Ebola response as fourth case emerges

    Fri Oct 24 16:37:09 2014 | Source: Reuters

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama's response to Ebola ran into fresh criticism from Republicans in Congress on Friday, as the emergence of a fourth U.S. case in New York City heightened public anxiety about the potential spread of the virus.
  • U.S. House panel to meet with safety regulators about Takata air bags next week

    Fri Oct 24 16:32:57 2014 | Source: Reuters

    WASHINGTON/DETROIT (Reuters) - The U.S. House committee looking into the defective air bags made by Japanese supplier Takata Corp will hold an initial briefing with U.S. safety regulators next week to learn the details of the regional recalls affecting 10 automakers, a committee aide said on Friday.

  • Michael Brown and Race Hoaxes

    Fri Oct 24 10:42:47 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    Mona Charen, National Review
    Back in August, when news first broke of a shooting in Ferguson, Mo., the media world, perpetually tingling with eagerness for white-on-black violence stories, plunged into delirium. An unarmed, black 18-year-old "gentle giant" had been shot in the back while running away from a white police officer! He was just preparing to enter college in the fall. He had been assassinated while holding his hands in the air in a gesture of helplessness."Hands up; don't shoot," chanted protesters. The "hands up" gesture immediately achieved iconic status among demonstrators from Boston to New York to San...
  • The "Colorado Model" Goes Thud

    Fri Oct 24 09:48:05 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
    The political class is so focused on what Democrats may lose Nov. 4 that it has largely missed what the party already has lost. So much for the much-vaunted “Colorado Model.”
  • As Economy Evolves, Are You Maneuverable?

    Fri Oct 24 07:53:26 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    Rich Karlgaard, Forbes
    I ONCE ASKED the great football coach Bill Walsh why he drafted Jerry Rice, a little-known wide receiver out of tiny Mississippi Valley State. Rice went on to become the NFL’s alltime-best wide receiver. The NFL also ranked him the best player in any position. But in 1985 Walsh was alone among scouts and coaches in perceiving Rice’s potential as a future Hall of Famer.
  • Dems' Midterm Weapons: Money, Money, Money

    Fri Oct 24 07:44:41 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    Fred Barnes, Wkly Std
    Democratic senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina was pounded last winter and spring in TV ads by conservative groups for having voted for Obamacare and echoed President Obama’s false claim that people could keep their current health insurance. “They had her on the ropes,” says Marc Rotterman, a Republican consultant in North Carolina.

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