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All Polls Show Toomey Leading

September 23, 2010    Content provided by DDC Advocacy

It's now time to move the swing Pennsylvania Senate election out of the toss-up column and into the Lean Republican category. Four different pollsters, all talking to randomly selected members of the Pennsylvania electorate from 9/14-21 each gives Republican former Rep. Pat Toomey (R-PA-15) a discernible lead over Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA-7). The two are vying to replace Sen. Arlen Specter (D) who lost the Democratic primary earlier in the year. Quinnipiac University (9/15-19; 684 likely PA voters) projects Toomey to have a 50-43% lead; Opinion Research (9/17-21; 741 likely PA voters) has the Republican ahead 49-44%; Critical Insights (9/14-16) posts the conservative ex-Representative to a 40-36% advantage; and the MuniciPoll (9/15-16; 912 likely PA voters) for the Politics PA blog gives Toomey a slightly larger 45-36% edge.

The cumulative effect of the four polls deriving the same conclusion clearly suggests that the former Representative, business owner, and Club for Growth president, has the upper hand as the two candidates turn for home. After moving Pennsylvania into the GOP column, Republicans are now ahead in 22 current campaigns versus just nine for the Democrats. This would push the overall Senate count to 49 Democrats and 45 Republicans with six races, all in Democratic states, remaining as toss-ups.

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