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Libertarians Reject Murkowski

August 31, 2010    Content provided by DDC Advocacy

The continuing saga of Sen. Lisa Murkowski continues with recent good and bad news for her. First, on the bad news front, the Alaska Libertarian Party has announced they will not ask official nominee David Haase to resign from the ticket in order to allow the Senator to assume their ballot line should she officially lose the Republican primary, citing too many differences with her voting record. Thus, the only way a three-way race could happen is for the Senator to run a write-in campaign.

Murkowski's good news comes in the form of the absentee ballot count. The Division of Elections spokespersons says that 15,720 absentee ballots have been received, and at least half will be counted today. There are an additional 663 early votes that have yet to be added and 9,117 questioned ballots, none of which are reflected in the current count. (Not all of these ballots are from Republicans, and many of the questioned ballots will be invalidated.) In terms of the absentee and early ballots, more are coming from areas - southeast, Anchorage, and the Bush country - where the Senator ran the strongest. It is also estimated that she took 54 percent of the non-Election Day vote already counted. She will have to reach that total, and then some (probably exceeding 55 percent) to erase opponent Joe Miller's lead (1,668 votes). Today's results will give us a valuable insight as to who will eventually win this race. All counting will be completed by September 8.

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