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Chaos and Stability

July 27, 2010    Content provided by DDC Advocacy

While one western state spirals into political chaos, another is stabilizing. In Colorado, where plagiarism accusations are badly damaging ex-Rep. Scott McInnis' chances of becoming Governor, another former GOP Congressman has officially entered the race. Ex-Rep. and Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo will run as the nominee of the American Constitution Party, he announced yesterday. It is likely that Tancredo will siphon enough votes from the Republican to give Denver Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial nominee John Hickenlooper the inside track to the state house. It is unclear what effect these developments will now have on the Centennial State down ballot races, but it can't be good for the Republicans. By contrast in Arizona, two new polls show a stabilization of what appeared to be a political powder keg earlier in the year. A new Rasmussen Reports poll (7/21; 595 likely AZ GOP voters) gives incumbent Sen. John McCain a substantial 20-point lead over former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, 54-34%. Previously, Rasmussen's numbers suggested a close race was developing. In the Governor's race, incumbent Republican Jan Brewer, after signing the controversial immigration law, has opened up a strong lead against Democratic Attorney General Terry Goddard. RR (7/21; 500 likely AZ general election voters) gives the Governor a 56-37% advantage. Before passage of the legislation, Brewer was faring poorly in both the primary and general elections.


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