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Democrats Bounce Back in Florida

July 22, 2010    Content provided by DDC Advocacy

A new Public Policy Polling survey now places Florida CFO Alex Sink ahead of both GOP Attorney General Bill McCollum and healthcare executive Rick Scott in their battle to succeed Charlie Crist as Governor. The poll, taken over the July 16-18 period of 900 registered FL voters, gives Sink a 37-23% lead over McCollum, her largest lead to date. In previous polls, the Republican has almost universally held the advantage. Independent Bud Chiles, son of former Senator and Governor Lawton Chiles, takes 14%. When Scott is placed on the Republican line Sink's advantage falls to 36-30% with Chiles grabbing 13%. The most damaging part of the poll for Republicans' is their candidates' poor favorability ratings. Directly due to the highly negative tone of their advertising against the other, both candidates' scores have tumbled. McCollum now rates a disastrous 16:51% positive to negative based upon this data. Scott registers a poor 23:41%. By contrast, Sink's favorability rating is 24:22%. Not even this is a particularly good tally, but it is far superior to either of the Republicans' performances. The poll might actually be better for Democrats than meets the eye. Though President Obama scored a 51-48% victory here over John McCain in 2008, the PPP poll respondents report voting for McCain 48-46%. Thus, it's conceivable that Sink's margin could even be a couple of points higher. The Florida primary is August 24th.


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