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Huge KS-Sen Polling Discrepancy

July 1, 2010    Content provided by DDC Advocacy

Yesterday we reported on a new Survey USA poll (6/24-27; 721 registered KS GOP voters) that gave Rep. Jerry Moran (R-KS-1) a huge 53-33% lead over Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-KS-4) in their battle for the Sunflower State's Republican Senatorial nomination. Later in the day, the Tiahrt camp countered with their own McLaughlin Associates poll (6/28-29; 400 likely KS GOP primary voters) that portrayed the Kansas GOP electorate in a much different complexion. According to McLaughlin, Moran's lead is only 37-34% over Tiahrt, with the Wichita conservative gaining ground via his Tea Party and Sarah Palin endorsements. Among those who correctly say that Palin has endorsed Todd Tiahrt (by a margin of 40-7%, the respondents knew that the former VP nominee is supporting Tiahrt), the Wichita Congressman leads his west Kansas counterpart 47-28%. Of those who know Tiahrt has won the official Tea Party endorsement (39% of the respondents identifying the Tea Party's candidate chose Tiahrt versus 6% who said Moran), he enjoys a similar 49-27% advantage. Contrasting the S-USA results that showed Moran leading among self-identified conservatives, McLaughlin gives Tiahrt a one-point 38-37% edge. Like Survey USA, the Tiahrt poll shows Moran being the choice of those who say they are moderate: 42-23%. The primary is August 3rd.


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