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South Carolina Governor's Race

June 3, 2010    Content provided by DDC Advocacy

A Republican lobbyist and a blogger both claim they had extra-marital affairs with the woman who certain polls project to be leading the GOP South Carolina gubernatorial race, three-term state Rep. Nikki Haley. Though she vehemently denies all accusations, the suggestions could prove harmful because she has consistently campaigned on a fiscal conservative/traditional values platform and impressively won Sarah Palin, First Lady Jenny Sanford, and former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's endorsements, in addition to garnering support from leading national conservatives such as Red State national blog founder Erik Erickson. With four strong candidates on the ballot, will Rep. Gresham Barrett now sneak into the run-off with Attorney General Henry McMaster, or will Haley sustain her early momentum? Of the ten states holding primary or run-off elections on June 8th, the Palmetto State Governor's race is now being positioned as one of the most interesting of the night.

South Carolina could also feature yet another incumbent being forced into a run-off, an occurrence that will likely spell the end of his congressional tenure. Already four national incumbents have been denied re-nomination and Sen. Blanche Lincoln is in serious trouble in her June 8th run-off in Arkansas with Lt. Gov Bill Halter. Fourth district Rep. Bob Inglis is locked in a tight battle with Spartanburg County Solicitor Trey Gowdy and state Sen. David Thomas, among others. Look for Tea Party activists to play important roles in both of the SC races. South Carolina has a short run-off window. The second election is scheduled for June 22nd.

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