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More Convention Wildness

May 25, 2010    Content provided by DDC Advocacy

The Colorado and Connecticut party conventions don't have the power to nominate a candidate like their counterparts in Utah but they do change the political picture, nonetheless. In the Colorado Republican convention this past weekend, an upset occurred in the Governor's race when Tea Party-supported businessman Dan Maes placed ahead of former Rep. Scott McInnis by a close 49.3 - 48.9% margin.This means the two will face each other in the Republican primary election scheduled for August 10th. In the Senate campaign, with primary polling leader Jane Norton and third place contender Tom Wiens, a state Senator, not participating in the convention, Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck scored a 77% victory. Wiens then curiously dropped his statewide bid and endorsed Buck. As expected on the Democratic side, former state House Speaker Andrew Romanoff scored a 60-40% victory over appointed Sen. Michael Bennet. They now continue to the primary election where Bennet appears stronger. In House races, state Rep. Cory Gardner registered 61% of the convention support in his 4th district (Rep. Betsy Markey), which was enough to convince his two GOP opponents to withdraw from the race. Gardner now becomes the official nominee.

In Connecticut, an unexpected result occurred in this state's Republican convention, too. Former World Wrestling Entertainment executive Linda McMahon notched a 52-45% victory over former Rep. Rob Simmons in the battle to oppose Attorney General Richard Blumenthal for the US Senate (Chris Dodd retiring). Simmons was the presumed favorite among the party activists. He vows to continue the campaign to the primary, also scheduled for August 10th. In the Governor's race, former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy outpaced businessman and former 2006 Senatorial nominee Ned Lamont for the Democrats, and ex-Ambassador Tom Foley easily placed first among Republicans, finishing ahead of Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele. Expect competitive primary elections for both parties.

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