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  • In Alaska, Begich fights to the end

    Fri Oct 31 18:57:02 2014 | Source: The Hill

    Sitting Democratic senator is locked in a tight race with Republican challenger Dan Sullivan.
  • U.S. spy budget down by over 15 percent since 2010: official data

    Fri Oct 31 22:46:13 2014 | Source: Reuters

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The combined budget for U.S. civilian and military intelligence operations has shrunk by more than 15 percent since 2010, official figures show.

  • Republicans question preparedness spending after Ebola missteps

    Fri Oct 31 20:18:36 2014 | Source: Reuters

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Texas Republicans, including Tea Party-backed U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, sought to ratchet up the pressure on the Obama administration's Ebola response on Friday, by questioning its use of federal tax dollars for emergency preparedness.
  • Fired-up Republicans have edge in midterm turnout war

    Fri Oct 31 20:09:22 2014 | Source: Reuters

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A daunting reality looms for President Barack Obama's Democrats ahead of U.S. congressional elections on Tuesday: Voters from the Republican Party are much more fired up.

  • Obama to meet Federal Reserve chair Yellen Monday: White House

    Fri Oct 31 20:02:37 2014 | Source: Reuters

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will meet with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen on Monday to discuss "the long-term outlook for the American economy and the global recovery," a White House official said.
  • China lifts suspension on Washington State delicious apples

    Fri Oct 31 19:39:44 2014 | Source: Reuters

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - China will lift its suspension on the import of red and golden delicious apples from Washington State, reopening a market once valued at about $6.5 million a year, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said on Friday.
  • Mary Landrieu blames racism for Obama's unpopularity in Louisiana

    Fri Oct 31 11:33:03 2014 | Source: CNN

    Asked Thursday why President Barack Obama has a hard time in Louisiana -- where his approval rating hovers around 40% -- Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu said a big reason has to do with his race.
  • NRA says Tom Cotton ad on gay dating app isn't theirs

    Wed Oct 29 20:22:11 2014 | Source: CNN

    If GOP Senate candidate Tom Cotton didn't know about the popular gay dating app Grindr, he does now.
  • Supreme Court justices imagined as dogs

    Wed Oct 29 17:43:21 2014 | Source: CNN

    The Supreme Court has gone to the dogs, and at least one justice found the results to be laughable.
  • Gov.'s Ebola myth: Water kills it

    Thu Oct 16 15:20:08 2014 | Source: CNN

    CNN's Jake Tapper looks at what people have said that's flat wrong about Ebola.

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