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  • The GOP Can Win Big in November

    Fri Sep 19 08:32:31 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    William Kristol, Weekly Standard
    Republican voters are down on the sluggish GOP officials they elected, and the officeholders whine about the unreasonable people who voted for them. Republican backbenchers complain about their lame leaders, and GOP leaders grumble about their unruly followers. Right-wing pundits despair of unimaginative Republican pols, and the hard-headed pols are impatient with impractical commentators. Conservative activists loathe the GOP establishment, and the establishment is terrified and contemptuous of the base.
  • Republicans' Latest Attempt to Fool Women

    Fri Sep 19 08:32:26 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    Sally Kohn, The Daily Beast
    It sounds great—four GOP Senate candidates call for over-the-counter birth control access. But it’s all a stunt, and it won’t succeed.
  • Stonewall Koskinen

    Fri Sep 19 08:30:26 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
    Nine months have passed since President Obama installed John Koskinen as IRS Commissioner, charged with unearthing the agency's targeting scandal and restoring its credibility. It's about nine months past time to acknowledge that Mr. Koskinen is the problem, not the answer.
  • Right Is Wrong to Call Obama a Narcissist

    Fri Sep 19 08:30:13 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    John McWhorter, Daily Beast
  • Paul, Christie Show Contrasting Styles in N.H.

    Fri Sep 19 08:29:34 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    Scott Conroy, RCP
    NASHUA, NH. -- Inside the crowded confines of Crosby's Bakery here on Wednesday afternoon, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie did what he does best when on the campaign trail: He schmoozed. “Good to see you, Marie,” Christie said to one woman.“Happy to be back,” he told another. Stumping alongside New Hampshire’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, Walt Havenstein, for the third time in three months, Christie back-slapped, small-talked and bear-hugged his way around the room with Clintonian ease. He signed autographs, posed for photos, and -- through no fault of his own -- completely...
  • It’s a good time to run for office in Iowa: meet Queen Joni

    Fri Sep 19 11:37:32 2014 | Source: Reuters

    IOWA CITY Iowa (Reuters) - Most Republicans running in tight U.S. Senate races in November's midterm elections can rely on campaign endorsements from a few national figures. But most Republicans are not Joni Ernst.

  • In shift, U.S. officials fight release on bond of migrants: lawyers

    Fri Sep 19 05:15:30 2014 | Source: Reuters

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration is routinely arguing against the release on bond of Central American women and children at a New Mexico detention center in a policy shift meant to discourage others like them from entering the United States, say lawyers for the detainees.
  • Bush family member angered by Republican Senate candidate's ads in Georgia

    Fri Sep 19 01:04:54 2014 | Source: Reuters

    (Reuters) - Neil Bush, son and brother of two former presidents, has denounced assertions in political ads for Republican Senate nominee David Perdue in Georgia that an organization founded by Bush's father funneled money to extremist groups.
  • U.S. Congress approves arming Syrian rebels, funding government

    Fri Sep 19 00:21:17 2014 | Source: Reuters

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Congress gave final approval on Thursday to President Barack Obama's plan for training and arming moderate Syrian rebels to battle Islamic State, a major part of his military campaign to "degrade and destroy" the militant group.

  • Kansas Democrat ordered removed from U.S. Senate ballot

    Fri Sep 19 00:16:38 2014 | Source: Reuters

    KANSAS CITY Kan. (Reuters) - Kansas election officials must remove the name of the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate from the November election ballot, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled on Thursday in a decision that could help decide which party will control the chamber.

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