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  • Colorado candidates for U.S. Senate effectively tied: Reuters-Ipsos poll

    Wed Oct 22 21:50:50 2014 | Source: Reuters

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The two candidates vying for a U.S. Senate seat in Colorado, one of the states that could decide whether Republicans win control of the upper chamber of Congress on Nov. 4, are effectively tied, according to a Reuters-Ipsos poll released on Wednesday.
  • Obama: 'We're all shaken' by Ottawa

    Wed Oct 22 16:48:32 2014 | Source: The Hill

    President says it's unclear whether shootings are related to terrorism.
  • Oklahoma judge allows law banning abortion pills to take effect

    Wed Oct 22 19:01:30 2014 | Source: Reuters

    OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - An Oklahoma judge said on Wednesday he will allow a law that bans abortion-inducing drugs to take effect as planned on Nov. 1, over the objections of abortion rights advocates who said the measure is poor public health policy that could put women at risk.

  • Bitter exchange over executions

    Wed Oct 22 14:45:22 2014 | Source: CNN

    Personal attacks marked CNN's debate in one of the closest governors races in the country.
  • Crist and Scott debate jets and mansions... in 60 seconds

    Wed Oct 22 14:42:44 2014 | Source: CNN

    Democrat Charlie Crist debates Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott on CNN. Here's your recap in under 60 seconds.
  • Florida governor's race a dead heat, poll shows

    Wed Oct 22 18:14:09 2014 | Source: Reuters

    TALLAHASSEE Fla. (Reuters) - Florida Governor Rick Scott and his challenger for re-election, former Governor Charlie Crist, are locked in a dead heat in their race to run the nation's largest swing state, poll results released on Wednesday show.
  • Christie: It's Time to Start Offending People

    Wed Oct 22 11:16:54 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    Tim Alberta, National Journal
    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie launched a preemptive strike Tuesday against some potential Republican rivals for the White House, saying the "experiment" of promoting a lawmaker to president has failed—and arguing that Republicans must nominate a governor in 2016.Christie, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, began his speech to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington by lauding his counterparts across the country. Then he turned on a dime, pivoting in apparently premeditated fashion from 2014 to 2016. He urged attendees to support GOP governors this fall—not only...
  • How Gun-Control Is Affecting This Election

    Wed Oct 22 11:16:16 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    Frank Miniter, Forbes
    Many sheriffs in states that recently passed gun-control laws have signed letters saying they are opposed to the laws, saying the gun bans won’t make America safer. Some even say they won’t enforce these new laws. This has gotten some press. What hasn’t been reported is the very governors in New York, Connecticut and Maryland who signed those gun and magazine bans are also reluctant to enforce these laws. It seems they don’t want a political backlash. They don’t want journalists making martyrs out of otherwise law-abiding citizens who might be charged with...
  • In GA, Nunn Isn't Running From Obama

    Wed Oct 22 11:11:38 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    Dana Milbank, Washington Post
    David Perdue took the cheap and easy route.The Republican Senate candidate in Georgia, like Republican candidates in most other competitive races, calculated that the surest road to victory was to tie his opponent, in this case Democrat Michelle Nunn, to President Obama.
  • The Era of Political Disruption

    Wed Oct 22 11:08:30 2014 | Source: Real Clear Politics

    Ron Fournier, National Journal
    From time to time in this column, I predict that the United States is entering an era of great political disruption, a bottom-up revolution on the scale of what upended the music, television, movie, media, and retail industries. Fueled by the radical connectivity of the Internet, abrupt new actors in those fields dismantled the status quo, shifted power downward, and created an explosion of options for consumers.

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