Welcome to the ATSSA website dedicated to connecting ATSSA members and Members of Congress. As the Chairman of the ATSSA Government Relations Committee, I look forward to continuing our successful grassroots advocacy to make our roads safer. This site will enable members to easily contact their respective federal representatives and senators.

This form of action is termed "grassroots advocacy." Developed in the 1960s, grassroots advocacy is, at its purest form, local Americans reaching out and letting elected officials – in this case members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives -- know their concerns and wishes. Our purpose is to educate members of Congress about roadway safety issues so that they can make well informed choices on important votes on Capitol Hill.

To accomplish this goal, we hope that you'll use your own "grasstops" contact list. "Grasstops" are both elected and appointed officials in your state who might support our roadway safety initiatives. Getting these influential members of your community on board is a real help to generating additional support for an idea or piece of legislation. A coordinated effort between grassroots and grasstops sends a powerful message to federal officials that your issue should be the focal point of the day and debate.

ATSSA is excited to offer this service to its members as a way to further its congressional advocacy initiatives and for ATSSA members to be as informed and active as possible. Letting your voices be heard is the epitome of American democracy. Without it, elected officials can never consider your thoughts and wishes. So, take a moment to explore the site and stand ready for ATSSA's next call to action!

Please feel free to contact Nate Smith, Vice President of Government Relations at nathan.smith@atssa.com with any questions or concerns. ATSSA is here for you day-in and day-out advocating for your issues and concerns.


Dane Alsabrook
Director of Contract Administration

Hot Topics

Transportation Conference Report - FAST Act 2015

This week, the House and Senate are poised to take up and pass a final bill, which will reauthorize surface transportation programs for five years. The bill, H.R. 22, Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act) provides policy and funding that will carry roadway safety infrastructure to new heights. It's imperative that all members of Congress vote in favor and without delay, so that the president will able to sign this legislation into law before the December 4, 2015 deadline of current policy. 

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Urge Support for House Highway Bill

The Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act is a safety-focused bill that will help make our roads safer and more efficient.

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Please Support Roadway Safety Funding Letter

This Congressional letter supports fully funding the Highway Safety Improvement Program in the House transportation bill.

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Urge Senate to Support Long-Term Highway Bill

Please contact your senators today, and encourage them to vote in favor of a long-term highway bill.

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Support Vote to Proceed on Highway Bill

Although the bill text is not perfect, voting to proceed is a critical part of moving a long term highway bill closer to reality.

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Support Highway Trust Fund

Increased revenue is needed for the Highway Trust Fund in order for Congress to pass a long-term highway bill.

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Please Support Highway Bill and Highway Trust Fund

The current bill, MAP-21, expires in May. Congress needs to take action before then to avoid a shutdown of the highway program.

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Please Support Increased Highway Trust Fund Revenue

It is important that members of Congress understand that increased revenue for the Highway Trust Fund is a vital component of a long-term highway bill.

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Please Support the Highway Safety Improvement Program

It is critical that members of Congress hear from ATSSA members about the need to continue the HSIP in the next transportation bill.

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Contact Congress TODAY to Urge Support for Highway Funding

Please take a moment to reach out to your members of Congress to urge support for a roadway safety-focused transportation bill.

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Please Act Now Thank Congress for MAP-21 Passage

The new law provides nearly doubled the funding for roadway safety infrastructure projects nationwide. This investment will help to reduce roadway fatalities across our nation.

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Contact Congress to Support Highway Bill Conference Committee Final Vote

This is going to be the final vote for the transportation authorization, and your legislators' support will be necessary to get the bill over the finish line.

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Contact Congress TODAY on Conference Report and Highway Bill

Now is a critical time to let your legislators know your views on the transportation conference committee's actions and final product.

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Contact Senators to Oppose Amendment to Repeal Sign Retroreflectivity Standards

In only takes a moment, but contacting your senators will have a great impact for the roadway safety infrastructure industry. Voting down this amendment will help continue to make America's roads safer and reduce fatalities and serious injuries.

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Contact the House TODAY to Support Highway Bill and Amendments

It's also critical that ATSSA members reach out to their Representative to ask them to support two roadway safety infrastructure amendments to the bill. One is regarding rural road safety, and the other is about work zone safety and training.

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Contact the House TODAY to Support Highway Authorization

The House transportation bill funds the Highway Safety Improvement Program at $2.6 billion a year for four years and will truly help to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on our nation's roads.

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Contact Congress TODAY to Support Highway Authorization

The Senate is considering MAP-21, its version of the highway authorization. This language includes a near doubling of the Highway Safety Improvement Program and strong commitments to roadway safety infrastructure.

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Contact Congress TODAY to Support Rural Roadway Safety

H.R. 2107 authorizes $400 million annually for roadway safety infrastructure on rural roads. Because a person is two and a half times more likely to die on a rural road than on an urban, it's critical that these investments are made and that the funds reach the roads that need them the most.

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Contact Congress TODAY to Support H.R. 1776

Please take a moment and contact the House of Representatives today to ask your Congressperson to cosponsor H.R. 1776, the Older Driver and Pedestrian Safety and Roadway Enhancement Act. Your voice is vital to the legislation's success.

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Contact Congress to Support Work Zone Safety Grants

Work zone safet grants are critical to improving the safety and efficiency of work zones throughout the United States. It is extremely important that Congress hears about these grants so that elected officials can work to include them in the upcoming transportation authorization bill.

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Support the Roadway Safety Training Institute

The Roadway Safety Training Institute will serve to make work zones safer for worker, law enforcement personnel, pedestrians, and guardrail installers and inspecters through comprehensive training programs. Often, when designers and planners look to close walkways, they do not take all aspects of the project into consideration. The Roadway Safety Training Institute will help to make the whole area safer.

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